Business Leadership Conference 2019: A Must Attend!

Growing constantly as both an individual and a business person, and being up to date with emerging trends are hallmarks of a 21st-century industry leader. And it is these hallmarks that the Business Leadership Conference, 2019, powered by Splendour Events, tends to help potential participants actualize come October 12, 2019.
Ultimately, the Business Leadership Conference 2019 is a business meeting with the sole intent of achieving the following:
1. Challenge the attendees' ways of thinking and provide a new approach to problem-solving.
2. Create and stimulate new business relationships, partnerships, and synergies.
3. Equip and empower the attendees with the necessary tools and skills for their businesses and careers.
4. Help to stimulate the growth of businesses (with a particular focus on startups).
N.B: Only entrepreneurs/business owners or career persons would be invited.
Only persons in positions of authority such as business owners and policymakers would be invited.
Free tickets are limited, and as such, not all registrants may be invited.
Free ticket holders may not receive the same amount of benefits as the VIP ticket holders at the event.
All ticket holders, whether Free or VIP would be eligible to participate in all sessions, including networking sessions, at the event.
Log on to to register.
This conference is powered by Splendours Events.
Check the flyer for more details.

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